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Custom Metal Dog Tag

Custom made dog tag necklaces from Hesank, metal crafts products manufacturer. Custom dog tags are more durable and secure. Tell us your dog tag necklace custom engraving customization needs or patterns, we can provide you with the best customization service.

What are Dog Tag?

Dog Tag, also known as a military identification tag, is usually made of metal and is rectangular in shape, with personal identification information engraved on it, such as name, blood type, etc., to identify soldiers. Every American soldier will wear a dog tag name plate on his chest. This is a must-have configuration for active service in the U.S. military. Today, custom metal dog tags are also a fashion accessory, worn by many as a personalized necklace that carries memories and remembrances while demonstrating respect and respect for military culture.

Why customize Dog Tag?

Custom dog name tags can meet the diverse needs of individuals and organizations, providing functions such as identity identification, fashion accessories and business promotion. Customized dog tags can be easily identified and contacted by others by engraving personal information such as personal name and contact information. Secondly, custom made dog tags are also fashion accessories. Some young people often make "dog tags" into ornaments and necklaces and wear them around their necks. Some wholesale dog tags suppliers provide customers with DIY accessories made with their own photos, logos and words as promotions, products or gifts to increase brand exposure and recognition.

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