Customize it to suit your fancy.

Personalize it to the max, making it an extension of your personality.

All can be customized.

Graphic - Design


Logo, slogan, specific graphic or any other design elements

shape - Design


Any geometric shape such as circle, square, star

size - Design


According to your needs, ranging from 1cm to 20+cm

color - Design


From single color option or more than 10 colors

Materials - Design


Gold, silver, brass, bronze, zinc alloy, stainless steel, etc.

Technology - Design


Die-casting, stamping, hydraulic, etching, imitation enamel, etc.

Packaging - Design


OPP bag, acrylic box, paper box, wooden box, velvet box, etc.

Personal Mark - Design

Personal mark

Name or other information can be engraved on the product.

Metal Crafts Customization Expert

since 1996

We are a professional manufacturer specializing in custom metal crafts, offering a wide range of customized sports medals, lapel pins, commemorative coins, keychains, badges, and other gifts. Whether it's for sports events, corporate activities, school functions, or any other special occasions, you can rely on us to create tailor-made gifts. Our products can be personalized according to your specific requirements, including event logos, names, and logos. Whether you need to reward participants, express gratitude to sponsors, commemorate special events, or create event souvenirs, we are here to provide prompt advice and solutions based on your needs. If you have any questions or require assistance with the details, please feel free to reach out to us.

1. Customized Medals

Our medals made by the durable die cast metal, choose from the most popular gold, silver, bronze or other finishes, also can print or stick your distinguished logos on on our in-stock blank medals. That can save cost for molding, but still can make your event unique and have a perfect presentation for your honoree.

jiangpai - Design

2. Customized Pin Badges

Durable alloy, brass or steel material keep the pins in perfect shape, with soft enamel or hard enamel fill the logos, cover epoxy on the surface,get your unique design standing out. And the most important things, fix a pin or clutch or just use magnet on the back, then you can wear your pins on in perfect look.
huizhang - Design

3. Customized Commemorative Coins

To honor your service with high quality souvenir coins, will carry many styles and themes, including military coins, service coins, police coins, and more. The customized souvenir coins can be made with top grand brass or zinc alloy and feature dual-plating for a beautiful and meaningful piece.
jinianbi - Design

4. Customized keychains

A key chain is one of the few things that you know someone will carry around with them at all times. Our custom keychains will also carry your message for many to see. Our expert sales staff will work with you to come up with a custom keychain specifically for your group.
yaochikou - Design

We still can do bookmarks, cufflinks & tie-bar, cash clips, trophy cups or other customized metal product.
By die casting, die stamping or photo etching.