Ready to Ship & Light Customization

HesanK is a professional custom production supplier. We provide full-process customization services for conventional metal crafts, and also provide partial customization services for other products, especially processing services for blank products, such as engraving text and printing patterns on blank key chains and badges. For these products, not only the quality is good, the delivery time is shorter than the full process, and the price is cheaper. Contact us!

What Does “Ready To Ship” Mean?

1.”Ready to Ship” refers to products that have been manufactured and are available for immediate purchase.
2.Off-the-shelf products are usually based on standard specifications and designs, which are suitable for a wide range of customer groups, help to quickly meet customer needs, and provide a convenient purchasing experience.
3.Because there is no need for customization and no mold costs, there is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement and the price is affordable.

What Is Crafts “Light Customization”?

1. Light customization often uses existing product templates or designs, and makes some simple modifications or adds personalized elements according to customer requirements, such as lettering, unique patterns or color selection, etc., focusing on efficiency and flexibility to meet customer personality demand.
2. Compared with the traditional customization process, the light customization process is usually faster and more economical, and is suitable for small batch production and individual consumers. There is no mold cost for light customization, the product price is cheap, and the delivery time is short.


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