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Soft Enamel Dual Color Badge Lapel Pins

What metal are lapel pin made of?

Lapel pins have a rich history and are used for various purposes, ranging from expressing affiliations and commemorating achievements to making fashion statements. What sets each lapel pin apart is the type of metal used in its construction. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the secrets of lapel pins, examining the common metals employed in their creation, including Gold Plating, Silver Plated, Zinc Alloy, Brass, and Stainless Steel.

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10km Enamel Marathon Medal

Where to Order Custom Medals?

Custom medals are a tangible symbol of achievement, recognition, and honor. Whether you’re organizing a sports event, a corporate awards ceremony, a school graduation, or a special community achievement, custom medals add a personal touch that makes the occasion truly memorable. But where can you order these unique and personalized tokens of accomplishment?

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Metal Cufflinks collocation and use restrictions

As an exquisite accessory, cufflinks play a role that cannot be ignored in life. Typically, shirt cuff styles that require the use of cuff buttons are called “musketeer cuffs” or “French cuffs”. This kind of shirt with unique cuff design is mostly used in formal occasions, and British senior executives also choose this kind of shirt with cuff buttons in the office to show their slim tailoring style.

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Cufflinks History, Usage and Use Occasions

Cufflinks have a long history, originating from ancient Greece, after a long time of baptism, they have now become an important part of modern men’s attire. It is an exquisite decoration used to replace traditional cuff buttons, not only a practical accessory, but also a symbol of taste and personality. Among the subtle differences in attire, cufflinks add a touch of color to men’s formalwear and suits, making the overall look stand out.

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dog collar and tag

The Evolution and Multiple Applications of Dog Tags

Metal dog tags, a simple and unpretentious identifier, carry a rich history and multiple uses. As a military identification tag, its origins date back to the ancient days of military warfare, but its use and meaning have evolved over time. From the original military logo to its wide application in medical, cultural, fashion and other fields, metal dog tags have surpassed their original functions and become a cultural symbol and a diversified way of identity expression.

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police pin badge

The Importance of Metal Name Badges

The history of badges dates back to ancient times when they were used to denote status, identity and medals. However, the modern use of badges as an identification and symbolic item took a leap forward during the American Civil War. Since then, badges have gradually become integrated into all aspects of society, becoming an important way for organizations, groups, institutions and businesses to demonstrate identity, encourage teamwork and commemorate special events.

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brooch cartoon

The Culture and History of Brooches

As Steele puts it, “object-based research provides unique insights into the historical and aesthetic development of fashion.” Utilizing object analysis methods, we can explore the unique insights behind objects, their inherent history and aesthetic significance. In this paper, a brooch will be analyzed in depth through three parts: description, deduction and speculation.

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Tie Clips: an Elegant Men’s Accessory

A tie clip is a men’s accessory that is used to secure a tie and add style and personality to a dress code. It is usually made of metal and comes in a variety of designs and embellishments to showcase a man’s taste and style. In this article, we will explore the role of tie clip, selection methods, history and development process, as well as its position and role in men’s attire.

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steel bookmarks

What is a Metal Bookmark

A bookmark clip is a tool often used in the reading process to mark pages or locations of interest to the reader. Bookmarks play an important role both in traditional paper books and in modern electronic reading devices. In this paper, we will introduce the definition and types of bookmarks as well as their uses in different scenarios.

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