Custom Metal Military Badges

Whether you are a distinguished service member, a unit aiming for unique recognition, or an organization with a commitment to honor, our bespoke military badges and pins are designed to reflect your exceptional journey. Explore a fusion of craftsmanship and personalization as we invite you to browse through our gallery and transform your vision into a tangible emblem of pride. Discover the artistry of custom military badges – where your story meets our craftsmanship, creating a symbol that transcends time and tradition.

What Are The Badges On Military Uniforms Called

Military badge identification: The military pins and badges on military uniforms serve various purposes, and different types of military badges have different names. Here are some common terms for badges on military uniforms:

  1. Rank Insignia: These military enamel pin badges indicate the military rank of the individual and are typically worn on the shoulder or sleeves.
  2. Service Ribbons: Ribbons are awarded to signify the receipt of specific medals, honors, or campaign participation.
  3. Unit Patches: These are patches that represent the specific military unit or division to which the individual belongs. They are often worn on the shoulder.
  4. Qualification Badges: Also known as “qualification badges” or “qualification insignia,” these military pin badges signify a soldier’s proficiency in a particular skill or field, such as marksmanship or parachute jumping.
  5. Combat Badges: These badges are awarded to soldiers who have participated in active combat. Examples include the Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) or Combat Action Badge (CAB).
  6. Specialty Badges: These military lapel badges indicate a soldier’s specialization or job within the military, such as medical, engineering, or aviation badges.
  7. Identification Badges: Soldiers may wear badges that identify their branch of service, such as the U.S. Army’s “U.S. Army” tape or the U.S. Navy’s “U.S. Navy” nameplate.

It’s important to note that the specific military badge pins and their names can vary between different military branches and countries. Each military organization has its own system of insignia and badges to denote various achievements, roles, and honors. Hesank, military badge manufacturer, specialized in metal craft products, tell us your need and we can start cooperation well.

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