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Custom Metal Fridge Magnet

Hesank focuses on the design and production of accompanying metal crafts, the customization of IP peripheral gifts for corporate cultural, and supports custom refrigerator magnets for enterprises, governments, groups, and dealers. We can also make products like fridge magnet bottle opener. Tell us your needs, we will help you achieve.

What Are Metal Fridge Magnets?

Fridge magnets designs originated in the early 20th century. Originally in the form of paper or cards, people put pictures, letters or slogans on the refrigerator for decoration or reminder. Subsequently, custom made fridge magnets emerged, which are magnetically adsorbed on the refrigerator for easy use. Today, custom magnet for fridge have gradually become fashionable personalized decorations, widely used in homes, offices and commercial places.

Why Custom Magnet for Fridge?

Personalize according to needs and purposes, by choosing your favorite patterns, photos or corporate logos, slogans or product information, etc. to be printed on customized ref magnet, which can be used for home decoration, festival celebrations, weddings and parties, business promotion, travel commemoration, Gift giving and other personal and business occasions.

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