Custom Epoxy Keychain

Explore the boundless possibilities of personalized metal crafts with our exclusive range of custom epoxy keychains. At Hesank, we redefine promotional merchandise by offering bespoke custom epoxy keychains that seamlessly blend creativity, durability, and brand messaging. Whether you are looking to enhance your brand visibility, embark on DIY projects with our epoxy keychain kit, or add an artistic touch with epoxy resin art keychains, we have the perfect solution for you. Dive into a world of customization, where every keychain becomes a canvas for your unique expression. Discover the art of making epoxy keychains and sealing keychains with epoxy, ensuring that your brand stands out in every pocket, bag, or set of keys. Elevate your product line and captivate your audience with Hesank’s exceptional custom epoxy keychain collection.

Acrylic vs Epoxy Keychain

When it comes to selecting the perfect keychain for your business, the choice between acrylic and epoxy keychains is crucial. Acrylic keychains boast transparency and a lightweight feel, while epoxy keychains offer durability and a glossy finish. Elevate your brand with custom epoxy keychains that endure wear and tear, making them ideal for promotional purposes.

How To Epoxy Keychains

Creating epoxy keychains is a simple and enjoyable process. Begin by preparing your workspace and mixing the epoxy resin according to the kit instructions. Optionally, add color or embellishments for a personalized touch. Pour the resin into keychain molds, remove air bubbles, and let it cure for 24-48 hours. Once cured, carefully demold the keychains, attach keychain hardware, and, if desired, seal them with clear epoxy for extra protection and shine.  Hesank provides custom epoxy keychain kits service for your need, contact now!


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