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Custom Metal Bottle Opener Manufacturer

Hesank is a reliable wholesale metal bottle opener supplier with customers worldwide. Our metal beer opener is perfect for bars, restaurants, hotels, promotions, special events, or can be a great way to advertise. You can choose our existing mold or create your special type for free. We provide metal bottle opener in different materials such as copper bottle opener, zinc alloy bottle opener, ss bottle opener, etc.

What Are Custom Metal Opener?

Custom metal beer bottle openers are made of durable metals like stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance ensuring a long lifespan. It can be custom designed according to personal preferences and needs, engraved with a logo, pattern or text, making it a unique gift or keepsake. In addition to the function of opening the bottle cap, some metal custom bottle openers also have other additional functions, such as key chains, refrigerator magnets, pocket knives, etc., which increase the practicality and variety.

Why Customize Metal Bottle Cap Opener?

A personalised metal bottle opener is a versatile tool for personal and business occasions, adding a personal touch to gifting, celebrations and promotions. Enterprises can engrave company logos, slogans, etc. on custom metal openers as gifts or promotional items to enhance brand awareness and image. In bars, restaurants and other places, custom metal beer bottle openers not only provide practical functions, but also can be engraved with store names and specific patterns to increase brand display and recognition.

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