Custom Shoulder Boards

At Hesank, we take pride in delivering unparalleled craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a seamless ordering experience. Whether you represent a military organization, a prestigious institution, or a corporate entity, our custom shoulder boards for sale are designed to make a lasting impression.

How To Attach Shoulder Boards To Mess Dress

To properly attach shoulder boards to a mess dress, begin by identifying the designated epaulette or shoulder strap area on the jacket. Ensure that the shoulder boards are appropriate for your rank or designation and have the correct attachment device. Insert this device through the loop or flap on the epaulette, securing it according to the specific mechanism, and ensure symmetrical placement on both sides. Adjust for comfort, inspect for uniformity, and adhere to any uniform regulations or guidelines provided by the relevant military branch or organization. If in doubt, consider seeking professional assistance from a tailor familiar with uniform requirements.

How To Make Shoulder Boards

To make shoulder boards, cut a stiff fabric into the desired shape, optionally adding interfacing for stiffness. Cut a matching lining piece and assemble the layers by stitching them together, leaving one edge open for turning. Turn the board inside out, press it flat, and attach any rank insignia to the front. Sew or attach attachment devices to the back for securing to the garment. Test and adjust the position, then follow garment guidelines to securely attach the shoulder boards. Consider any relevant regulations for specific designs or uniform requirements.

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