Custom Sports Medal

Custom sport medals are always opinionated wonderful things, we can customize them with some of our favorite logos, these soprts medals are made of high quality materials.

No matter what the form of sports and activities, one can customize their own sports medals, we can customize them according to our company branding, product name or print our favorite sports mascot, custom sports medals are one of the best ways to do so.

Hesank offers a variety of different types of custom sports medals, die cast medals, insert medals, real wood medals, arylic medals, gold medals, silver medals, bronze medals, zinc alloy medals, a variety of different color medals, custom soccer medals, custom gymnastics medals, custom dance medals, custom track and field medals, custom soccer medals, custom marathon medals, karate trophies and medals, bike race medals and more.

What is sports medals

Sports medals are usually awarded to winners or athletes who perform well in sports competitions, as well as to participants in certain certain sports events. These medals are usually customized and they hold a significant commemorative value and are printed with the name of the competition, logo, and year information, among other things. These medals are usually customized and they hold a significant commemorative value and are printed with the name of the competition, logo, and year information, among other things. Sports medals are an honorable achievement for an individual and a testament to the sweat behind it.

Low price custom sports medal

Custom sports medals must be inexpensive, usually costing a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, The overall cost of creating custom medals depends on the type of medal you choose, the finish, the thickness, how many you need, and how much you want.

How to design custom soprts medals

At Hesank, customizing sports medals has been made easy and we can design our own sports medals through several parts:.

Medal Material:

The common medal materials are zinc alloy, wood, gold, silver and copper, we can choose the material we need.

Designing the logo:

Sports medals logo is what we need to design and can be made according to the theme of the current competition, artwork, logo, colors, text and images.


Sports medals come in a variety of colors, we can choose the color according to our needs.

Medal Finishes.

Gold Antique, Silver Antique, Bronze Antique, Gold Polished, Silver Polished and Bronze Polished All Available with Colorfill.

Neck Ribbons

Neck ribbons can also be printed with our own graphics.

Your Heanks sports medals are unique and we should create our own unique logo, which is our own piece of art.

How to Display Sports Medals

People who love sports competitions have a special feeling for medals. Sports medallions exhibition is also a kind of knowledge. The wall cabinet display method can make people who come to your home see the medals for sports events at first sight, but there must be enough medals. Waterfall storage is a display method that most people will choose, but attention should be paid to the maintenance of sports day medals. The framed type can store sports medals that have special meaning to you.

Why Hesank?

Hesank is known worldwide for its discounted prices and high quality marathon medals. Hesank specializes in customizing different types of marathon medals, gold, silver, bronze and zinc alloy medals.

These marathon medals are not only lightweight but also durable and are available in a wide range of styles, thus conforming to different marathons.

We offer marathon medals in various designs, colors, shapes and sizes to meet the different demands of the market. To ensure the quality of our products, we use premium quality raw materials procured from trusted vendors of the market. Moreover, the quality control department strictly cross-checks the entire production phase to ensure that the methodology complies with the stipulated industry standards, which enables us to deliver only defect-free products to our valued clients.

Hesank offers a full range of high quality marathon medals in a choice of colors, designs, shapes, and materials that can be completely customized to suit your style and requirements.

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