Packaging Options

Packaging Options

At Hesank, we prioritize the safety, aesthetic appeal, and functionality of our packaging. We understand the diverse needs of our customers and offer a range of packaging solutions to meet various requirements. Here are the packaging options available:

Free OPP Bag Packaging

Ideal for small items and standard products.

  • Material: Lightweight and transparent
  • Benefits: Cost-effective, provides basic dust and moisture protection
  • Best for: Economical choice for standard products

Bubble Bag Packaging

Recommended for larger or fragile items.

  • Material: Bubble-lined for extra protection
  • Benefits: Excellent shock resistance, protects products during transportation
  • Best for: Fragile items requiring additional cushioning

Custom Packaging Options

To cater to our customers' branding needs, we offer various custom packaging services. You can choose and customize from the following options according to your product characteristics:

Paper Cards

  • Features: Available in various sizes and designs
  • Customization: Can be printed with your brand logo or design
  • Best for: Enhancing brand image for various product dimensions and shapes

Plastic Boxes

  • Features: Available in multiple colors and sizes, both transparent and opaque designs
  • Benefits: Ideal for displaying and protecting products
  • Best for: Showcasing products in a sturdy and clear package

Paper Boxes

  • Features: High-quality material suitable for premium products and gift packaging
  • Customization: Surface can undergo gold stamping and embossing
  • Best for: Premium packaging that enhances the packaging grade

Velvet Boxes

  • Features: Luxurious and soft velvet material
  • Benefits: Provides better protection and presentation for high-value items
  • Best for: Jewelry, accessories, and other luxury products

Wooden Boxes

  • Features: Made from eco-friendly wooden materials
  • Customization: Can be engraved or printed with your brand logo
  • Benefits: Offers excellent protection and a unique brand style
  • Best for: High-end custom products

Our Commitment

Our professional sales team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and provide the best packaging solutions. Regardless of the packaging option you choose, we can customize it based on your product characteristics to ensure optimal protection and display during transportation and presentation.

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