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Custom Metal Medal Manufacturer

At Hesank, we provide custom medals and medallions including medals for sports events, blank medals for engraving, fiesta medal, etc, all in the highest quality metal materials. We can customize medals for you according to specific scenarios. We have a professional design team, production equipment and technology, which can guarantee the quality and effect of customized medals.

Custom Made Medal Material

The materials for custom metal medals we use depends on various factors, including the desired appearance, durability, budget, and application, and the most impotant, what you want. Some of the most common materials used by Hesank for producing custom made medallions include: Brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, ainc alloy, etc.

The choice of material for a specific wholesale medal project will depend on the specific requirements and preferences of you. Factors such as desired color, finish, durability, budget, and application will guide the selection of the most suitable material.

Can I customize the color, size, and shape of bulk-ordered medals at Hesank?

Of course, we can customize a wide range of things, including size, color, medal ribbons, etc. If you have any questions about wholesale custom made medal, you can contact us directly and communicate with our sales staff.

What is Custom Made Medals ?

The origin of die cast medals can be traced back to ancient times, and they were originally used to recognize military and civil achievements. Medals have undergone changes and developments over time. Modern custom metal medals are not only used to recognize medals and achievements, but also widely used in sports competitions, academic competitions and various social activities. Personalized medals come in a variety of designs and can include text, patterns and logos, representing different honors and achievements. They are seen as an important symbol and reward that motivates individuals to strive for excellence and showcases their achievements.

Why custom Medal?

The benefits of custom medals include personalization, branding, incentives and rewards, remembrance and remembrance, and social outreach. Custom made medals can be tailored to meet specific needs and showcase the uniqueness of an individual, team or organization. They can print brand logos, slogans or messages to help promote the brand. Custom made medallions can also serve as a means of motivation and rewards, motivating individuals or teams. At the same time, they are also keepsakes of special moments, recording important achievements and memories. In addition, custom engraved medals are used as social gifts to convey gratitude and appreciation, and to promote an event or organization in a social setting.

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