Metal crafts customization expert

Custom process



Understand client’s needs and preferences for the custom crafts.


Artwork design

 Create a design based on client’s requirements and get feedback.


Material selection

Choose suitable materials for the crafts.


Sample production

Make a sample craft based on the design.


Mold development

Create a mold for mass production.


Fabrication and shaping

 Cut, shape, and process the materials.


Surface treatment

Apply treatments to enhance appearance and protection.


Quality inspection

Ensure the crafts meet required standards.



According to client’s specifications and deliver them.

Customization is as easy as ABC

Just Say the Word, We Can Do it all!

How we work?

1.Determine design requirements: Communicate with the client to understand their needs and preferences for the custom pin, including shape, size, pattern, color, and other specifications.

2.Design the artwork: Based on the client's requirements, create a design artwork for the pin. Utilize computer-aided design (CAD) software or hand-drawing techniques to develop the design. Seek client feedback and make necessary adjustments until satisfaction is achieved.

3.Material selection: Choose suitable metal materials for the pin based on the design requirements. Options may include copper, stainless steel, brass, etc. Consider factors such as material quality, workability, and durability to meet the client's expectations.

4.Create a sample: Produce a sample pin according to the design artwork. This can be accomplished through methods like hand carving, CNC cutting, or casting, depending on the desired outcome.

5.Develop a mold (if necessary): If mass production of identical pins is required, create a mold to facilitate the manufacturing process. The mold can be made using techniques such as casting, laser cutting, or 3D printing.

6.Fabrication and shaping: Utilize appropriate tools and equipment to cut, shape, and process the metal material as per the design requirements. This may involve forging, stamping, polishing, and grinding, among other necessary techniques.

7.Surface treatment: Apply surface treatments to enhance the appearance and protection of the finished pin. Options include electroplating, painting, oxidation, heat transfer, etc. Select the suitable treatment method based on the design specifications.

8.Quality inspection: Conduct a thorough quality inspection of the customized pins to ensure they meet the required dimensions, shape, pattern, and surface treatment. Employ tools and instruments for measurements and assessments.

9.Packaging and delivery: Package the custom pins appropriately according to the client's specifications to ensure safety during transportation and storage. Finally, deliver the pins to the client, either through shipping or in-person delivery.

Simplified Custom Flowchart

How to make hard enamel pins?

Customize your metal masterpiece with our expert craftsmen.

Creating hard enamel pins is a meticulous and artistic process. It all begins with designing your pin and partnering with a reputable manufacturer. Choosing metal and enamel colors that enhance your design is crucial, requiring attention to the finest details.Following this, a mold is crafted, enabling precise enamel application to the pin's recessed areas. High-temperature firing then imparts a glossy finish. After thorough polishing and inspection, attachments like butterfly clutches or rubber clutches are added, making the pins wearable.The result? Beautiful, durable accessories suitable for personal or business use, born from a fusion of creativity and craftsmanship.


1. Design

Carry out product pattern design according to your unique requirements for the product, communicate repeatedly, and confirm the design file after you are satisfied.


2. Sample

Submit to the workshop to make samples according to the design drawings, take photos or send the real objects to you to confirm the appearance and process of the products.


3. Confirm

The customer confirms the sample, and can also propose amendments in kind. We will promptly and diligently modify it according to the feedback and hand it over to the customer again.


4. Produce

According to the confirmed samples, deliver to the factory for mass production, quality inspection, packaging, and notify the customer for inspection or entrust inspection.


5. Delivery

Based on the customer's prediction of the delivery date and time limit, the two parties negotiate to choose the express delivery method, such as express delivery, sea freight, air freight.


6. Service

After the customer receives the goods, thoroughly check for any damage during transportation or defective products. We will carry out after-sales work to ensure customer satisfaction.

Start your customization now!

Just say the word, and we can make it happen!

All you have to do is get in touch with us via phone, email, WhatsApp, or any other convenient method, and share your ideas with our team. We'll take care of the rest!

Whether you require a small or large quantity, we collaborate directly with you from concept to the final product, ensuring personalized gifts that surpass your expectations.

Our minimum order requirement is 50 pieces, with a production time typically ranging from 2 to 3 weeks. You can have peace of mind knowing that our meticulously crafted pieces boast exceptional quality and exquisite designs.

Placing an order is a breeze. Here are the customization options we offer:

1.Free Design: Choose from a diverse array of artwork, patterns, colors, text, and images. Simply email your design requirements to our designers, and they will work on it until you are fully satisfied.

2.Graphics: We allows you to incorporate your logo, slogan, specific graphics or any other design element into your artifacts. Whether you prefer a simple, intricate, or creatively unique design, we can ensure the artifact reflects your desired image and style.

3.Shape: Whether you prefer circular, square, or any specific shape of your choosing, we strive to maximize creativity.

4.Size: Select the dimensions that best suit your needs, ranging from 1cm to 20+ cm.

5.Color: Choose from single-color options or a selection of 10+ colors to harmonize with your brand or event theme.

6.Material: We work with a wide range of materials, including gold, silver, brass, bronze, zinc alloy, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, and more.

7.Techniques: Our expertise encompasses die-casting, stamping, hydraulic techniques, etching, enamel imitation, electroplating, polishing, painting, laser engraving, and more.

8.Packaging: We offer various packaging options such as OPP bags, acrylic boxes, paper boxes, wooden boxes, velvet boxes, and more.

9.Personal markings: To add personalization to your crafts, we use laser engraving or printing techniques to imprint names, dates, special text or other personal information on the crafts. This way, each artifact becomes a unique gift that adds special meaning and value to you.

10.Shipping & Delivery: We can deliver your products to any address worldwide. Depending on the destination country, we provide different delivery methods, including air transport, sea shipping, rail transport, express delivery, and more. Each delivery method has its own cost and delivery time, which you can discuss with our sales team to determine the best option for you.

No matter your budget size, our experienced staff is committed to providing assistance.

As a trusted provider of high-quality custom crafts, hesank offers professional service, exquisite craftsmanship, and industry expertise. Whether it's for recognition, commemorative events, promotions, or corporate gifting, we have the exceptional solutions you're looking for.

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