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Custom Marathon Medal Manufacturer

The marathon medal, a very important commemorative medal, symbolizes our achievements, symbolizes our sweat, symbolizes the unremitting efforts and endurance behind us.

Marathon MEDALS have many different designs, different cities, different distances, there are many different designs.

Hesank offers a wide range of different types of medals for different cities such as men’s marathon medals, women’s marathon medals, sports metal medals, customized medals, 5KM medals, 8KM medals, 10KM medals, 15KM medals, half-marathon medals, ultra-marathon medals, London marathon medals, Boston marathon medals, Chicago marathon medals and more.

(Marathon Medal design and types and more)

What are custom marathon medals

Marathon medals are mainly used to reward people who have won marathon places as well as those who have participated in marathons. Custom marathon medals can be individually designed according to the theme of the marathon, thus highlighting the significance of this marathon and making this marathon more memorable.

Marathon medals are commonly used in various competitions to motivate athletes, which is an important honor.

Quality customized medals are essential for people. Only the most skilled and experienced medal manufacturers can create high quality medals. To fulfill the demand for quality medals, many medal manufacturers have come into existence.

Price of custom marathon medals

The price of custom marathon medals, which ranges from $1 to several hundred dollars, is mainly related to the material of the medals and the manufacturing process.

We offer a wide range of marathon medals to our clients in the market at the best prices, which are made using the best technology available in the market and are made using purchased high quality raw materials.

Can I customize my marathon medal?

Yes, you can customize your marathon medal, including theme, color, type, logo and more.

Common custom MEDALS are designed according to the location, distance, theme and sponsor of the marathon.

Can I print my own logo on the marathon medal?

Yes, of courese.

What marathon medal customizations do you offer?

Hesank Supply Boston marathon medal custom, Chicago marathon medal custom, NYC marathon medal custom, London marathon medal custom, Disney marathon medal custom, New York marathon medal custom, abbott marathon medal, and more.

Why Hesank?

Hesank is one of the best marathon medals manufacturers from China. We have 20+ years of experience, Low MOQ, design team, help you customize the marathon medal to suit your heart.

Known worldwide for their discounted prices and high quality marathon medals, Hesank specializes in customizing different types of marathon medals, gold, silver, bronze and zinc alloy medals.

These marathon medals are not only lightweight but also durable and are available in a wide range of styles, thus conforming to different marathons.

We offer marathon medals in various designs, colors, shapes and sizes to meet the different demands of the market. To ensure the quality of our products, we use premium quality raw materials procured from trusted vendors of the market. Moreover, the quality control department strictly cross-checks the entire production phase to ensure that the methodology complies with the stipulated industry standards, which enables us to deliver only defect-free products to our valued clients.

Hesank offers a full range of high quality marathon medals in a choice of colors, designs, shapes, and materials that can be completely customized to suit your style and requirements.

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