Custom Fiesta Medal Manufacturer

Hesank is a China reliable fiesta medal manufacturer, we supply custom fiesta medals for sale. According to the customer’s requirements and the technical characteristics of the product, we strictly inspect the production process in accordance with relevant regulations to produce the best quality custom fiesta medal.
Hesank supply different types of fiesta medals for sale. Such as 2016 san antonio fiesta medals for sale, 2017 fiesta medals for sale, 2018 fiesta medals for sale, 2019 fiesta medals for sale, 2020 fiesta medals for sale, fiesta medals 2015 for sale, custom fiesta medals san antonio, and custom made fiesta medals.

Customized fiesta Medals

Customized fiesta medals are a great way to better promote our visibility while rewarding a great team.
Custom fiesta Awards will take your needs from start to finish with design, custom layouts, shapes and sizes.
Also on the neck wire, we will create a free design for you.

What is a fiesta Medal?

Fiesta is a San Antonio tradition and one of the largest celebrations in the country, and fiesta medals were born in honor of this important holiday.
Fiesta medals began to take off in 1946 when a king named Antonio gave out coins to local children.
Soon after, the tossing of coins became a tradition and in 1971 fiesta medals were developed.
Meanwhile, in the 1990s, fiesta medals reached its peak.

How To Order Custom Fiesta Medals

If you want to order personalized fiesta medals, you can leave you email or whatsapp for us. We will have the relevant staff to contact you as soon as possible.
Or you can contact us at

Why Hesank?

Hesank has a lot of experience in custom fiesta and has participated in many events big and small.
We can always offer you super cost-effective price, low price, high quality products as we are in China. We are the best manufacturer for your customized fiesta.


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