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Unveiling Custom 5K Medals at the Boston Marathon

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The Boston Marathon stands as a symbol of endurance, unity and triumph within athletics. Every year thousands come to test their limits and celebrate athleticism’s spirit amidst cheers and adrenaline – 5K medals stand as reminders not just of victory but of dedication and perseverance required to reach its end line.

1010 4 5km Marathon Soft Enamel Medal - 5k Run Medals Soft Enamel Medal 1010 2 5km Marathon Soft Enamel Medal - 5k Run Medals Soft Enamel Medal

Exploring the Essence of 5K Medals:

At the core of any iconic event lies its medals – and their meaning for participants. Beyond their shiny surfaces lies an inspiring story of determination and achievement; tangible reminders of journey taken, obstacles overcome, goals reached. Whether it’s the glint of 5K gold or the elegance of a custom-crafted design, each medal holds a unique tale of triumph.

Exploring Past 5 Years’ Medals:

Year Medal Material Symbolic Meaning
2023 Bronze Steadfastness
2022 Silver Achievement and Honor
2021 Gold Highest Honor and Glory
2020 Silver Progress and Moving Forward
2019 Bronze Perseverance and Endurance

Each medal material and its symbolic meaning encapsulate the essence of the Boston Marathon, honoring the dedication, perseverance, and triumph of all those who participate in this iconic event.

Delving into the Tradition:

As we reflect back over 10 years of the Boston Marathon, we see an array of remarkable feats and unforgettable moments. From 5K medals awarded to fastest runners to cheers of encouragement along the route, each year adds new chapters to its rich legacy. Let’s take a closer look at some standout performances and people who etched themselves into history:

Year Name Country Time
2023 Evans Chebet Kenya 2:05:54
2022 Evans Chebet Kenya 2:06:51
2021 Benson Kipruto Kenya 2:09:51
2019 Lawrence Cherono Kenya 2:07:57
2018 Yuki Kawauchi Japan 2:15:58
2017 Geoffrey Kirui Kenya 2:09:37
2016 Lemi Berhanu Ethiopia 2:12:45
2015 Lelisa Desisa Ethiopia 2:09:17
2014 Mebrahtom “Meb” Keflezighi United States 2:08:37
2013 Lelisa Desisa Ethiopia 2:10:22
Year Name Country Time
2023 Hellen Obiri Kenya 2:21:38
2022 Peres Jepchirchir Kenya 2:21:01
2021 Edna Kiplagat Kenya 2:25:09
2019 Worknesh Degefa Ethiopia 2:23:31
2018 Desiree Linden United States 2:39:54
2017 Edna Kiplagat Kenya 2:21:52
2016 Atsede Baysa Ethiopia 2:29:19
2015 Caroline Rotich Kenya 2:24:55
2014 Buzunesh Deba Ethiopia 2:19:59*
2013 Rita Jeptoo Kenya 2:26:25

Each name written into history represents an act of human resilience and determination towards greatness. With each passing year, the allure of Boston Marathon 5K medals increases exponentially – drawing athletes from every continent around the globe to test themselves on its legendary course.

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Crafting Excellence: Custom 5K Medals by Hesank:

At Hesank, we understand the significance of honoring such monumental achievements with custom 5K medals that capture their essence – that’s why our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that each one stands as its own masterpiece.

Start a journey of grandeur with our Soft Enamel 5K Marathon Medal, meticulously crafted to symbolize your unfaltering dedication. No matter if it is your first or fifth run, our medals serve as tangible symbols of excellence for athletes of any level, offering full customization options so your medal reflects who you are as an individual and reflects all that has gone into creating it!


While we commemorate the legacy of the Boston Marathon and all those who grace its hallowed grounds, let us not lose sight of how important 5K medals are in commemorating their achievements. Whether a runner pursuing greatness on the race course or an avid spectator cheering from the sidelines, medals serve as lasting symbols of perseverance, unity and triumph – something Hesank takes great pleasure in upholding through crafting custom 5k with medals that uphold and encourage everyone who wears one. Come join us in honoring athleticism’s pursuit as we journey closer towards victory together at Hesank!

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