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Marathon Medals: Types, Materials, Colors and Customization

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HI, our friend, have you ever participated in a marathon? A marathon is not only an extreme challenge to your body and perseverance, but also an event where you run for honor and pride. Marathon Medals, as a recognition of the hard work put in by runners, come in many different designs and each medal carries a story. Today Hesank will join you for an in-depth discussion on the definition, types, materials, colors, pattern customization, and design methods of marathon medal, as well as where to wholesale and customize these precious medals.

1. What is a marathon medal?

Marathon medals are special honorary prizes awarded to participants who win or successfully complete a marathon race. These medals not only recognize them, but also represent the sweat and hard work behind them for this honor. Different marathons have designed their own medals that follow their own themes and cultures and have a great commemorative meaning.

Sydney Marathon 10KM Medal

Sydney Marathon 10KM Medal

2. What are the types of marathon medal?

There are various types of marathon medals, each with a unique design and features that reflect the theme, location and culture of the different events. The following are some common types of marathon medals:

● Traditionally shaped medals:

Traditionally shaped marathon medals usually feature a round or oval design. These medals often have a gold, silver, or bronze rating, reflecting the participant’s accomplishments in the race. A gold medal represents the winner, a silver medal represents the second place, and a bronze medal represents the third place. This traditional shape of medal is very common in marathons around the world and has universal recognition.

● Themed medals:

Themed medals are medals that are designed according to the specific theme or location of the race. These medals usually have a special look to reflect the culture and characteristics of the city or region where the race is held. For example, a marathon held in Hawaii might have a medal designed with the sun, ocean waves, and coconut trees to reflect the resort atmosphere of Hawaii.

2022 boston marathon medal wholesale

2022 boston marathon medal wholesale

● Custom Shaped Medals:

Custom shaped marathon medals are personalized to fit the characteristics of the race. These medals can be in different shapes to reflect the theme of the race, course features, or race logo. Custom shaped medals are often more creative, enabling each race to have a unique medal design.

Colored medals:

While traditional gold, silver, and bronze medals are common, some marathons use different colors for added visual appeal. For example, colors such as blue, red, green and purple can be used for marathon medal to match the theme of the race or the environment of the course. These colored medals make the race more vivid and colorful.

● Different medals every year:

Some marathons change the design and appearance of the medals every year to increase the interest of the participants. These medals usually change according to the year of the event to show the passage of time and the continued development of the race. This approach makes each year’s medals uniquely collectible.

● Age Group Medals

Different age groups tend to race differently, and they also have significant differences in physical strength. These medals are awarded to runners in the same age group in a marathon.

3. What materials are used for marathon medals?

Marathon medals are made from a variety of materials, each of which offers a unique feel and look. Metal medals are usually used for high-level races because they are highly textured and sturdy, and they are usually made of zinc alloy. Plastic medals, on the other hand, are a lightweight and affordable option for casual or charity events. Additionally, ceramic and glass medals offer beautiful texture and printing effects for special occasion awards. The choice of material depends on the budget and the requirements of the award design.

Sydney Marathon 10KM Medal

Custom Marathon Medal

Metal Medals

Metal medals are our common awards, be it gold, silver, bronze, zinc alloy medals, they all fall under the category of metal medals.

Metal medals are comparatively kept for a longer period of time and we can design metal medals in the style of our favorite medals.

Metal medals are most used in some of the world’s marathon races, half marathon races, Olympic Games in various events.

Plastic Medals

Plastic medals are also more common after the medals, plastic medals are lighter than other medals, at the same time, plastic medals are less durable.

Plastic medals require more preservation, the temperature can not be too high, the environment can not be too humid.

Rubber medals

Rubber medals are more appealing to children because of the interesting designs on them.

Rubber medals are lighter and more flexible, and they don’t get snagged on long shirts.

Wooden Medals

Wooden medals are relatively less used in marathon medals, but they are still used as a material for marathon medals, and some people have a preference for wooden medals.

4. What are the colors of marathon medals?

The colors of marathon medals are usually associated with the grade of the medal. Gold medal is usually yellow, silver medal is white, and the bronze medal is earth yellow. This traditional color scheme makes the grade of the medal instantly recognizable. However, some races also use other colors such as blue, red or green for added visual appeal to match the theme of the race or the setting of the course.

21km Boston Marathon medal 2022

21km Boston Marathon medal 2022

5. Can Marathon medals be customized with graphics?

Yes, marathon medals can be customized with graphics to suit the needs of the race.

And marathon medals must be customized with graphics because the location, theme, and logo of different marathon races are different.

The customization of marathon medals can make this marathon race more unique, and custom marathon medals tend to be more memorable for the participants and winners.

6. How do you design your marathon medal?

Designing a marathon medal requires a combination of factors to ensure that the medal complements the race. Firstly, the designer needs to consider the theme of the race and the target audience. Secondly, the shape, size, material and color of the medal need to match the characteristics of the race. In addition, personalized elements such as the date, location or logo of the race can be subtly incorporated into the design to add to the uniqueness of the medal. Ultimately, by working with a specialist medal manufacturer, design concepts can be brought to life, ensuring that the medals meet high quality standards.


The first thing to consider when designing a marathon medal is our theme, some are themed on mountains and hills, while others are themed on city locations, all of which have a determining factor in marathon design.


Distance can be used as a reference for marathon medal design, such as 5km, 10km and so on, which can be reflected on the marathon medal.


By designing the text on the marathon medal, we can clearly know some relevant information about the marathon.

Sydney Marathon 10KM Medal

Sydney Marathon 10KM Medal


The date of the marathon can also be designed on the marathon medal, when we see the marathon medal, we will know what time the race was held.


The color of the marathon medal is often symmetrical with the theme, a nice looking color can make this race memorable.

7. Where can I get wholesale customized marathon medals?

If you want to do wholesale customized marathon medals, we need to find cost-effective areas. The country with the highest cost-effective price in the world is China, and Hesank is one of the famous custom marathon medal suppliers in China.

Depending on the customization requirements, quantity, and design, you can usually get a satisfactory price in Hesank.


The marathon is a very meaningful event and to commemorate this meaningful event, marathon medals have been created. From the type, material and color of marathon medals, all of which can be custom designed, these medals also have a special commemorative significance for marathon participants.

At the same time, wholesale customized marathon medals can also save costs and budget to a great extent.


1. What are some famous marathon medals?

Some famous marathon medals include the 2018 New York City Marathon Medal, the 2018 London Marathon Medal, the Boston Marathon Medal and the Chicago Marathon Medal. These medals not only represent the characteristics of their respective races, but also showcase different medal design concepts from around the world.

Boston Marathon Medal

The Boston Marathon is one of the most famous marathons in the world, and its medals are also highly regarded.

Boston Marathon Silver Medal (2019)

New York City Marathon Medal

The medal design of the New York City Marathon has always been famous for its unique and spectacular form.

New York City Marathon Gold Medal (2018)

London Marathon Medal

The London Marathon medal design focuses on simplicity and elegance. This design reflects London’s appeal as a global city, combining the event with the city’s history and culture.

The London Marathon Gold Medal (2018)

Chicago Marathon Medal

The Chicago Marathon medal design focuses on modernity and simplicity. This design highlights the importance of Chicago as an American city and the spirit of the marathon.

Chicago Marathon Bronze Medal (2019)

2. Can I put my logo on the marathon medal?

Yes, you can put your logo on the custom marathon medals, which will make the medals more personalized and branded, and if you are a business that is sponsoring the event, then your logo will also help promote your brand.

3. Can I get a lower price for wholesale marathon medals?

Yes, wholesale is usually able to get a more competitive price because you are buying in larger quantities. This can help you lower the cost of each medal, thus saving you money for the race.

4. What is the minimum order quantity for marathon medals?

Different marathon medals have different MOQs, Hesank has a very low MOQ for marathon medals, which is usually determined by the price, please feel free to contact us for specific MOQ for marathon medals.

5. Where can I get marathon medals in stock?

If you need to buy marathon medals in stock, we can find it through eBay, Amazon, and other websites. If you want to customize wholesale marathon medals, you can contact Hesank.


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