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Metal Cufflinks collocation and use restrictions

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As an exquisite accessory, metal cufflinks play a role that cannot be ignored in life. Typically, shirt cuff styles that require the use of cuff buttons are called "musketeer cuffs" or "French cuffs". This kind of shirt with unique cuff design is mostly used in formal occasions, and British senior executives also choose this kind of shirt with cuff buttons in the office to show their slim tailoring style.

Baltimore Club Cufflinks
Baltimore Club Cufflinks
Silver Blank Circular Cufflink Magnet Design With Box
Blank Circular Cufflink

1 Variety of custom engraved metal cufflinks

Cuffs play an important display role on a shirt. Since the cuffs are designed to be exposed, it is to show their beauty, so, do the cuffs with ordinary buttons need to be highlighted? Actually it is not necessary. Although the metal cufflinks are small, their styles are ever-changing. In addition to the traditional round and square shapes, they also cover shapes such as water droplets, threads, and Chinese knots. The patterns also range from totems, national flags, Tai Chi, steering wheels to fruits, cartoons, zodiac signs, constellations, etc. There are many styles, such as elegant, playful, uninhibited and so on. Therefore, matching custom design cufflinks requires some skills:

  1. Choose cufflinks according to the color of the shirt and dress;
  2. Choose cufflinks of the same color as the belt buckle and tie clip;
  3. Choose the right cufflinks according to the style of the banquet.

First, you need to discuss when you should use cufflinks, or choose a French double-fold shirt that needs to be worn with cufflinks. Strictly speaking, when paired with a formal suit, you should choose a French double-fold shirt and use cuff buttons. This detail is ignored by many domestic articles on suit wearing. Why do formal suits need metal cufflinks? Most people who wear a suit are probably aware of the "shirt cuffs should show slightly over the cuffs of the suit" rule, but what is the reasoning behind this rule? Historically, it's not a rule about the suit, it's about the shirt itself.

2 The color matching of custom shaped metal cufflinks is very important

Crystal glass cufflinks are most suitable for white shirts because of their transparency;

Gold cufflinks are paired with a red shirt for a gorgeous and stylish feel;

The purple cuffs with twill golden edging complement the dark twill pink shirt, creating a romantic French gentleman style;

Gold cufflinks with a striped shirt give you a vibrant atmosphere and add a touch of delicacy and romance to serious looks;

Gold cufflinks are paired with a blue shirt for a powerful and convincing look.

Silver cufflinks with black, white or gray shirts create a calm and noble effect.

3 Collocation of metal cufflinks

Different occasions require different matching of cufflinks, and the choice should be made according to the changes of the occasion:

For large fashion banquets or receptions, golden cufflinks are definitely the best choice;

When attending a friend's wedding banquet, the retro Chinese knot cufflinks are especially fashionable and decent;

For emergency meetings, white shirts are best paired with understated white cuffs;

In business entertainment, the color matching of cufflinks is also very important;

In different weather conditions, it is necessary to consider the color matching of the overall dress. Using brightly colored cufflinks can relieve tension.

Cufflinks are usually made of precious materials such as gold, silver, crystal, diamonds, and gemstones, so the price is relatively high, generally ranging from several hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.

4 Restrictions on the use of metal cufflinks

If you look at it from a practical rather than a historical perspective, you can choose to wear cufflinks as long as you want to attract attention in the details. Formal men's wear is relatively conservative, and has developed slowly over the past few decades (some researchers have compared the styles of suits decades ago with those of the present, and it is difficult to distinguish the front and back). Different from women's rich accessories, men's formal wear has few elements to show individuality except tie, and only a few accessories such as tie clips and cufflinks can show individuality.

It's a pity that tie pins are not common among French gentlemen. The size and shape of the cufflinks make a good platform for display, while the number of cufflinks can also add some variation to the design (such as different but corresponding designs for left and right hands). In addition, the cufflinks are hidden on the edge of the cuffs, unlike tie clips that attract the visual focus in the center of the tie, so they appear more reserved and restrained. Even if the cufflinks are gorgeously designed, they will not damage the overall image.

Of course, the use of cufflinks has certain limitations and needs to be matched with a shirt with double French cuffs. Although some manufacturers have introduced dual-purpose cuffs, which can be used with buttons or cufflinks, it is not recommended to choose this design, because the single-fold design of this kind of cuffs is not as hard as the double-fold cuffs, and it is difficult to show the uniqueness of French cuff buttons. style.

The unique style of French cufflinks is not only in the double stack, but also in the way they are fastened. The cufflinks that use buttons are on the ring buttons, but the French cufflinks are different. The negative sides of the cufflinks are in contact with each other, which looks slightly "6". Cufflinks are used by threading the needle that attaches to the "button" part of the cufflink through the back of the cuff, then out the front of the cuff and securing it. This way, your hands will maintain a natural palm-down position at all times, allowing the "button" portion of the cufflinks to show rather than the "needle" portion.

Of course, there aren't many restrictions if you're using a close cousin of the cufflinks, the ornament known as a "double-button," which has "buttons" on both ends and can be displayed no matter what state the arm is in. Out of the "button".

The sales of cufflinks are mainly concentrated in two types of places: high-end shopping malls and wholesale markets. Upscale malls are the main place to buy cufflinks, where they typically cost around $75 to $450. The wholesale market has simple cufflinks for a few dollars.

It should be noted that cufflinks have become very mature in western countries and have become an important clothing accessory for men, and their sales channels are more diversified.

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