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Are You Familiar With The Classification Of Refrigerator Magnets?

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Are you familiar with the classification of refrigerator magnets?

Refrigerator magnets have been traditionally used for decorating refrigerators and as a way of taking notes and reminders, recording food changes and purchasing needs. You can also write down messages for your family on a piece of paper and attach it to the refrigerator for easy notice. These magnets can be divided into two categories: magnetic magnets and self-adhesive magnets. Magnetic magnets can be reused while non-drying magnets are disposable and used for decoration and recording storage in the refrigerator, including food reminders. Magnets with built-in magnets do not affect the overall appearance and can be attached vertically or horizontally to any household item that can be magnetically absorbed.

Here are the various classifications of magnetic products:

  1. Metal fridge magnets: These are made with soft rubber magnets underneath and color printed peritoneum on coated paper on the top.
  2. Thermometer refrigerator magnets: These use soft magnets underneath and four-color printed coated paper on the top with a light film thermometer.
  3. Magnetic bookmarks: These are made by folding peritoneum in half with soft rubber magnets underneath for magnetic attraction and four-color printed peritoneum on the top coated paper.
  4. Magnetic message board whiteboard: These use soft magnets (or cardboard), coated paper, four-color printing, mounting film, and an erasable pen.
  5. Magnetic photo frame: These are made with soft glue magnet mounted on coated paper with color printing peritoneum, and the frame is punched out in the middle. Other materials, such as double-layer photo frames, PVC photo frames, and cardboard photo frames can be used depending on customer requirements.
  6. Magnetic notepad: These use soft glue magnets underneath and four-color coated paper on the top to print and mount the light film notepad or a separate notepad for convenience.
  7. Magnetic jigsaw puzzle (cardboard puzzle): These use soft magnets (or cardboard grayboard paper) on the top of the coated paper four-color printing and light film, and punch the puzzle pieces required for the design in the middle.
  8. PVC soft refrigerator magnets: The front side of the PVC soft refrigerator magnet is made of PVC soft rubber, and the back is pasted with soft magnets or magnets.
  9. Tinplate refrigerator piece: These are made with four-color printing and wrapping paper craftsmanship.
  10. EVA dart board: These use the EVA middle iron sheet below and the four-color coated paper on the top to print and mount the bright film dart head.
  11. Glass refrigerator magnet: These are made with semi-circular glass window peritoneum with soft glue magnet on the bottom and color printing on coated paper on the top.
  12. Epoxy refrigerator magnet: These are made with adhesive magnets underneath, coated paper color printing on top, and epoxy peritoneum.
  13. Ceramic refrigerator magnets: These are made with soft magnets underneath and colored glaze on ceramic plates on top, green, healthy, and environmentally friendly.
  14. Coconut shell refrigerator magnet: These use epoxy glue magnets on the bottom (for magnetic attraction) and coconut shell laser engraving on the top, which are green, healthy, and environmentally friendly.


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