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Cómo diseñar medallas


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Have you ever participated in various events and activities? Have you ever found the medals are very beautiful and favorite? Would you like to make one yourself?

Medals are an important part of various events and activities. It has a very important commemorative significance and reward significance. So how are medals designed? Here, we talk about how to design the important aspects of the medal:

Cómo diseñar medallas

Custom Marathon Medal

How to design medals

1. Determine the basic information: The designing of medals is an interesting and creative process. The medal should include basic information about the competition or event, such as the theme of the competition or the theme of the event, the organizer, the place and time of the event, and other information.

2. Determine the shape: After determining the theme choose the appropriate shape of the medal, the shape of the medal can be varied, usually round or oval, but can also be square, heart, star, etc., but also the shape of the final design drawing, the shape should reflect the nature of the award and the theme.

3. Determine the color of the award and theme: the color choice should take into account the theme of the event, the brand identity, and the level of the award. Typically, gold represents first place, silver second place, and bronze third place, but this can be personalized as needed.

How to design medals

4. Determine the information on the front and back of the medal: the front of the medal usually includes the name of the event, the logo, the name of the winner and the date, and can usually be left off to include the winner’s name. The back usually includes the name of the award and sponsor information, and the design should be clean and simple to ensure that the information is clearly visible.

5. Choose the material: medals can be made using different materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic and wood. Metal medals are usually more upscale and practical, but they are also more costly; consider the budget and importance of the event when choosing the material.

6. Add other information: If there is a need to add other information, add the corresponding information to the existing design, but it be noted that the added information should not override the basic information of the medal, and at the same time, the medal should remain aesthetically pleasing.

Tips for attaching medals to ribbons or cords

Ribbons are usually sewn directly to the medallion by the manufacturer using a sewing machine. Ribbons are usually fastened to the top of the medallion’s header, or you can ask the manufacturer to make a movable ribbon. The medal is usually hung around the neck by a webbing or cord. The color and material of the webbing should match the medal, and you can move the name or logo on it.

Tips for attaching medals to ribbons or cords

How do I customize my own award?

If you want to design your own medals, you can look for professional medal makers or online design tools. You can choose the shape, color, pattern and text to suit your needs. If you have design skills, you can use graphic design software such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator CC, or CorelDRAW to create artwork for your medals. You can use shape tools, text tools and image editing functions to realize your creativity.

Some design points about other medals

Different designers or producers make different medals. For example, Olympic medals are usually made by designers or craftsmen in the local host city. The following are some of the regular design elements of medals:

Military medal design: the design of military medals usually follows certain traditions and regulations to ensure that the valor and courage of the military personnel is marked.

Medal of Honor Designs: The design of a medal of honor is related to its special nature and is usually designed by the government or a related agency.

Diversity in medal design: Some awards, such as the Medal of Honor have different designs to distinguish the rank and special nature.

Some design points about other medals

Initial Designer of the Medal

1. Who designed the Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration in the United States. William Wilson, a Philadelphia sculptor and engraver, originally designed the original Medal of Honor design in 1861.

2. Why there are 3 designs of the Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor has three designs to distinguish the different branches of the U.S. military. The Army, Navy, and Air Force have unique Medal of Honor designs. This distinction was introduced in 1944 to recognize recipients from different fields while maintaining the award’s prestige. The basic design elements of the Medal of Honor remain the same, including stars and wreaths, but service-specific details vary.

3. Who Designed the Olympic Medals

The design of an Olympic medal usually results from a competition or selection process organized by the host city. Different artists and designers can submit proposals, and a different designer is chosen to create the medals for each Olympics. For example, the medal designs for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were selected through a competition and designed by Junichi Kawanishi. These designs aim to reflect the cultural and historical elements of the host country while incorporating the five Olympic rings and other iconic symbols, making each Olympic Games’ medal design unique.

4. Who designed the param vir chakra medal

The Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest military medal, was designed by artist Savitri Khanolkar of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. The medal has a round bronze disk with the Indian coat of arms and is worn on the left breast with a plain purple ribbon.

How the Military Medal was Designed

Military medals are designed to convey various elements of honor, valor and service. The design process may involve collaboration between artists, historians, and military representatives. Specific guidelines and regulations are usually established to ensure consistency and integrity in the design of medals. Medals may contain a combination of symbolism, words, and images that represent the act or service for which they were awarded.

medallas en blanco

How to Design a Feast Day Medal

Designing holiday medallions (typically used in San Antonio’s holiday celebrations) is a creative process that can be accomplished in several steps. You can begin by sketching a design, incorporating elements related to the event, your organization, or any other theme. Once you have completed your design, you can work with a professional medal manufacturer to transform your concept into a physical medal, taking into account factors such as size, material and finish options.

How to Design a Competition Medal

Designing a competition medal involves a similar process. Start with a design concept that reflects the theme, location, or race’s unique aspect. Work with the medal manufacturer to create a model and refine the design. Consider elements such as shape, size, material and any customization such as ribbons or engraving.

medalla de maratón a granel

The design of war medals (such as military campaign medals or service medals) is usually a formal process involving government or military authorities. Designs are chosen to reflect a specific conflict, service, or recognized achievement. Typically, these designs contain symbols, flags, and words that are significant to the military operation or event.


The design of medals is a critical and creative process that usually involves the following steps: First, the basic information for the medal is determined, including shape, color, and information on the front and back to ensure compatibility with the theme of the contest or event. Then, select the appropriate material, such as metal, plastic, ceramic, or wood, depending on the budget and importance of the event. Following this, design the webbing or cords to wear the medals, ensuring that the color and material of the webbing coordinate with the medals and that relevant information can be added.

For personalization, you can add other information as needed, but should ensure that the information does not detract from the basic message and aesthetics of the award. Finally, if you wish to design your own medals, you can work with a professional manufacturer or use graphic design software to create a unique design based on your individual needs. Different types of medals, such as military decorations, Medals of Honor, Olympic medals, and Param Vir Chakra, have specific design points and production processes to ensure that the special nature of the recognition is conveyed. Medals must be designed to reflect the event’s spirit, fulfill a need, and be commemorative and rewarding. When professional design and production is required, working with a fabricator or designer is wise.


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