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¿Cuánto cuesta personalizar medallas?


Medals play a very important role regardless of the year or celebration. So how much does it cost to customize medals? What factors affect the price of customized medals? In this article, we can introduce in detail the types of customized medals and the factors that affect medals. We hope it can help you when customizing medals.

The price of awards is affected by many factors. The price of customized awards for one event is $420. As shown in the picture, take 65*65*3mm medals as an example; the unit price for 150pcs is $2.1, the mold cost is $105, and the shipping cost is different according to the country and region.

1. What is the price of wholesale customize medals?

As shown above, the price of customized medals is around $2. However, since the number of medals needed for each game varies, so does the price, and in general, the more medals ordered, the cheaper the unit price.

2. What are the types and categories of customized medals?

Gold medals: medals with real gold plating on the surface. There are also medals made of pure gold, symbolizing the highest honor, possessing the luster of gold, corrosion-resistant but soft texture, generally in regular shapes, and if plated with real gold, they can be made into more complex shapes;

Sterling silver medals: medals made of sterling silver, with beautiful silver-white, high symbol of noble temperament, corrosion-resistant but soft texture, sterling silver material is generally a regular shape, if the surface of the silver-plated can be made into more complex shapes;

Copper medals: medals made of copper, a commonly used material for brass. There are also purple copper and red copper; the surface is generally plated with other colors;

Competition medals: Competition customize MEDALS are very widely used, small to various events, to the Olympic Games, all need to use competition MEDALS.

Military customize medals: Military MEDALS are mainly used in the military, whether it is the navy, army, air force or special operations forces, etc., all need to use military MEDALS.

Enamel customize medals: Enamel MEDALS come in many different shape designs, and many enamel customize MEDALS are made of special alloys that are heavier and do not fade over time.

What are the types and categories of customized medals

Zinc alloy medals: The raw materials are zinc alloys, commonly used materials such as competition medals and commemorative medals. They can be made into any shape. The surface is generally electroplated with metals of other colors, such as gold medals, silver medals and bronze medals. The texture is hard and corrosion resistant, and average scratch resistance;

In addition, depending on the use and effect, there are titanium medals, stacked gold medals, stainless steel medals, gold foil medals, laser medals, sand gold medals, wood carving medals, acrylic medals, authorized medals, etc. Each type of medal can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. What materials are custom-made medals made of?

Commonly used materials are zinc alloy, which has good molding effect, moderate price, and quality that can meet most usage needs. Other materials include gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, acrylic, solid wood, etc.

4. Can customized medals be made into 3D medals?

Customized medals can be made into 3D medals. The specific design must refer to the customer's drawings and requirements. The recommended material is zinc alloy, and the molding effect is very good.

4.Can customized medals be made into 3D medals ?
7th CISM Military World Games
4.Can customized medals be made into 3D medals ?
Olympia Bodybuilding Medal

5. How many colors can be customized for customized medals?

Divided according to process, using the electroplating process, the colors are mainly gold, silver, black, retro color, and other colors based on these colors;

Using the spray painting process, there are theoretically unlimited colors, but medals with this process are generally more expensive and more commemorative in use. They are generally not used for competitive competitions; send your design or picture to the manufacturer, and they will Create the same elements and colors as the design drawing, as shown below:

6. What is the minimum order quantity for customized medals?

Each company has different regulations on minimum order quantity. For example, we do not have a minimum order quantity requirement, but you still need to pay labor costs and machine operating costs in the process of making medals, so I recommend that you buy universal medals with logos on the front and back. The pattern can be printed using a printing process to reduce procurement costs. Please feel free to ask us for specific prices.

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7. How long does it take to customize medals?

Making medals requires a series of processes, each with a fixed time. The time to make medals is also different depending on the process used. Generally speaking, it takes 15 days to make a batch of medals. Of course, the factory's current order Circumstances, production, weather, holidays, and other factors will also affect the production schedule and time.

8. What are the factors that affect the price of customized medals?

Many factors affect the price. Factors related to making medals, such as quantity, design, size, material, process, type, difficulty of operation, etc., will all affect the price of medals, but the degree of influence of each factor is different.

  1. Quantity: Quantity is the most important factor affecting the price of customized medals; the lower the price.
  2. Size: Medals usually come in many different types and sizes. The sizes are different depending on the purpose. The smaller the size, the cheaper the price. When ordering, give priority to the appropriate size. If you are unsure, you can also ask the manufacturer, and they will recommend the right size for you.
  3. Material: Material is another important factor that affects the price. Although using gold and silver as the surface of the medal can better reflect the importance of the game and the players, the price will also be very high. It is recommended to use general metal raw materials.
  4. Production technology and difficulty: The higher the technology, the greater the difficulty and the higher the price. Generally speaking, regular-shaped medals are cheaper than irregular-shaped medals because the operation difficulty and processing requirements are lower, the defective rate is lower, and more raw material costs and operating costs can be saved.

Color: The more complex the color and the greater the number of colors, the higher the price of the media.

9. Why buy customized medals in China?

There are many companies in the world for customized medals, and I recommend you choose a China custom medal manufacturer because customized medals in China are more cost-effective. China has a complete industrial production system, with industrial parks specializing in producing medals and other metal crafts, supporting equipment and technical personnel, and a professional customer service team to answer any questions about medal production. The prices of medals produced in China are more advantageous. At the same time, The quality can also meet the requirements of most customers and is cost-effective.

Wenzhou Hesanqian Crafts Co., Ltd. is a crafts manufacturer specializing in producing various badges, medals, commemorative plates, trophy coins, keychains, bottle openers, bookmarks, and other metal products. With many years of craft manufacturing experience, we have established a new modern production line: modeling, hydraulic, stamping, die-casting, etching, electroplating, and spray painting or enamel workshops, with more than 40 well-trained craft manufacturing technicians.

Custom Medal Supplier – Hesank ’s Advantages

  1. We can provide good customized services, and we have no minimum order quantity requirements.
  2. We provide cost-effective medals with low prices and high quality.
  3. We have a design team of 15+, which is among the top ranks in terms of design.
  4. We have a professional service team and complete after-sales guarantee services, which are on duty 24/7 and can solve your problems online anytime.
  5. Timely delivery. We have established commercial cooperation with several logistics companies and will ship the goods as soon as possible after manufacturing is completed.

Choose us, and you will get cost-effective customized medal prices!

10. How to get the best price for custom medals

First provide product design drawings or original images, and provide your requirements to the service team, including quantity, color, size, accessories and other information. Based on this information, the customer service team will give a corresponding quotation and also recommend suitable products according to your requirements. Suggestions on craftsmanship, size, etc., are for your reference. Choose HesanK. we will give you the best price, and we can also give you professional answers and suggestions.


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In conclusion

The price of custom medals depends on many factors, including quantity, material, design, workmanship, etc. Typically, a standard medal costs about $2, but purchasing in bulk will lower the unit price. Medals are available in many types, such as gold, silver, copper, zinc alloy, etc., and can be customized according to use and customer requirements. Available in various materials, including zinc alloy, gold, silver, stainless steel, etc. Customized medals can be made into 3D shapes, and the color can change depending on the craftsmanship. Minimum order quantity varies from supplier to supplier. Production time usually takes about 15 days, affected by order volume and other factors. Factors that affect price include quantity, design complexity, material, workmanship and type. China is a popular manufacturing location for custom medals, offering competitive prices and high-quality products. To get the best price, customers can provide design drawings and detailed requirements and work with a professional team to reduce procurement costs. Choosing the right suppliers and working closely together are key to achieving high-quality medals.

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