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What is a Fridge Magnet?

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Avoid those cookie-cutter goods. Most of the fridge magnets you see in street shops and bazaars abroad are mostly locally designed. Especially in some small towns, there are often surprises. In Europe and the United States, refrigerator magnets have long been an independent design part of the tourism industry and one of the most popular cultural and creative products. Buying a fridge magnet when traveling abroad is a regular choice for most people. Many people choose to store a fridge magnet. Some collectors even replace their refrigerator with a larger double-door refrigerator after filling the original one.

What is a fridge magnet?

As the name implies, refrigerator stickers are home accessories that are affixed to refrigerators or steel materials. At first, they existed as auxiliary notes. European and American households who had refrigerators for a long time and were used to shopping in supermarkets initially used magnetic stickers to stick sticky notes on refrigerators, making note of shopping lists, or reminding themselves or their families. In particular, European and American households buy ingredients for one week at a time on the weekend, and making a list becomes an essential step.

They also post notes on refrigerators to leave messages to their families, which can add family fun. Some Japanese housewives list the things stored in the refrigerator and paste them on the refrigerator door with magnetic stickers. Thoughtful individuals even draw pictures of the food for easy reference. After shopping or cooking, they update the list on paper. This way, they won’t forget what’s in the refrigerator or buy it again unnecessarily. For Chinese families, this is a useful practice to adopt. If every household promotes the role of refrigerator magnets like this, the demand for refrigerator magnets will increase significantly, leading to considerable economic benefits.

Later, someone designed the magnetic sticker, which became metal fridge magnets, and the function changed from record to ornament. After that, the fridge magnet became a popular travel souvenir.

Custom Made Fridge Magnets Are Going To Be The Most Popular Travel Souvenirs

As a fridge magnet enthusiast, even if you don’t buy big-ticket items, you can find many favorite fridge magnets while traveling. Over time, the refrigerator at home will be fully covered, and the magnets will have to compete for space, with the eliminated ones stored in drawers. When bringing gifts to friends, people often choose refrigerator stickers.

Refrigerator magnets are popular souvenirs because they combine regional characteristics, portability, and easy preservation. Let’s talk about regional characteristics first. Fridge magnets are small metal crafts, but their regional characteristics are obvious. The fridge magnets you see in Paris are different from those in London. Even within the same country, fridge magnets from different cities vary. For example, in Prague, fridge magnets feature Castle Hill, Tien Church, and the dancing house. However, in Tenahola, 70 kilometers away, most fridge magnets depict the famous human bone churches. Therefore, refrigerator magnets have distinct regional characteristics. Guessing place names from landmarks on fridge magnets is a fun activity for travel enthusiasts to “show off.”

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