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How to Make an Enamel Pin?

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Making an enamel pin is not a complicated process, but a simple and straightforward process that usually takes no more than 2-4 weeks. Here are six steps to making an enamel pin.

astronaut pin badge
Astronaut Badge
cartoon enamel pins
Potted Anthropomorphic Pins

1. Prepare artwork files

Before starting production, manufacturers will often request a PDF file of the design. You can hand-draw or create the design in graphic design software, but you'll want to pay attention to the simplification and line thickness of your design to ensure the final result is clear.

2. Select enamel pins material

Enamel pins are usually made of two traditional materials: hard enamel pin and soft enamel pin. Hard enamel has fine metal lines and a smooth, hard enamel surface, while soft enamel has a textured surface and more detail.

3. Determine enamel pin size

Choose the size of your pins based on your design and budget. Small pins are generally more portable and suitable for simple designs, while larger pins are suitable for more detailed designs.

4. Determine production quantity

Usually the minimum production quantity for a first order is 100 pins, and it is recommended to maintain this quantity during initial production to ensure market acceptance.

5. Determine the number of pin backs

Always install two pin backs on your pins to ensure the pins are secure and difficult to lose.

6. Find an enamel pin manufacturer

Search for "enamel pin factory" through Google Chrome or Alibaba to find manufacturers, making sure to work with factories that can provide favorable production conditions.

If you have specific questions to ask the manufacturer, such as the cost to produce 100 enamel pins, confirm the time to produce the artwork, whether you can send photos of the finished product, etc., to ensure you choose the manufacturer that best suits your needs.

This process usually includes sending design files to the manufacturer, confirming production details and costs, paying 50% of the cost for production, the manufacturer makes the enamel pins and sends photos of the finished product, the customer confirms and pays the remaining 50% of the cost, and finally ships and receives the goods. to the enamel pins.

7. Make enamel pins at home

If you want to avoid bulk orders and initial costs, you can also try making enamel pins at home. Here are a brief steps:

  1. Design the artwork and convert it into the shape of an enamel pin.
  2. Use a homemade template or Cricut cutting machine to create the template for the enamel pins.
  3. Prepare the metal blank and attach the template.
  4. Soak the enamel pins in salt water and etch it through the electrolysis process.
  5. Clean, trim, paint and bake enamel pins.
  6. Add pin backs, sand and polish, and finally admire your work.

This home-making process may take some practice and adjustment, but it's a fun option for smaller-scale productions.

8. Summary

Making enamel pins involves choosing the right manufacturer, determining the design, material, size and quantity, as well as choosing the right manufacturing process. Whether working with a manufacturer or making it at home, careful planning and communication is required to ensure the end product meets expectations. Whether it is commercial production or personal DIY, you can get satisfaction and creative fun from it.

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