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Types of Enamel Pins: Understanding What They’re Made of and Where to Find Them

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Enamel pins, those charming collectibles adorning jackets, hats, and bags worldwide, have become a staple fashion accessory and a means of self-expression. This blog post explores the diverse types of enamel pins, shedding light on what they are made of and where enthusiasts can find them. We delve into the core components and manufacturing processes, focusing on the distinction between different varieties, especially the popular soft enamel style. Furthermore, we provide guidance on where to place these stylish accents and where to purchase them to expand your collection.

animal brooch pin
Hexapod Enamel Badge Pin With Glitter Powder
animal brooch pin
Hexapod Enamel Badge Pin With Glitter Powder

Where Can I Buy Enamel Pins?

Online Marketplaces

With the advent of online shopping, enamel pins can be purchased from dedicated websites, artist marketplaces, and even crowdfunding platforms. Notable online destinations include independent artists' shops, Etsy, Amazon, and specialized pin stores that curate collections from around the globe.


Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

For those who prefer a hands-on experience, local boutiques, craft fairs, museums, and pop-culture conventions are excellent sources to find enamel pins. Many businesses carry limited edition or exclusive pins that may not be available online.

Where to Put Enamel Pins


Enamel pins are versatile accessories that can accentuate any attire or accessory. Common placements include denim jackets, backpacks, caps, lanyards, and scarves. Collectors often display them on cork boards or fabric walls as decorative pieces, celebrating their unique stories and designs.

pin of anime
Devil Face Enamel Badge Pin
anime buttons and pins
Devil Face Enamel Badge Pin


Enamel pins offer a fascinating intersection of artistry and function, allowing wearers to express their interests, affiliations, and identities. With knowledge about their composition, particularly the distinctiveness of soft enamel pins, collectors and admirers alike can appreciate the craftsmanship involved. As for sourcing these delightful tokens, both virtual and physical retail spaces present countless opportunities to discover new and exciting additions to one's collection. Embrace the joy of pinning, whether to elevate an outfit or simply to celebrate the beauty of small, collectible art forms.

name tag cute
Enamel Inlaid Pearl Name Tag Badge
name tag cute
Enamel Inlaid Pearl Name Tag Badge
name tag cute design
Enamel Inlaid Pearl Name Tag Badge
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