Metal Badges: A Symbolic Journey from Ancient Armies to Corporate Identity

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Looking for the perfect badge to enhance your style? Looking for a name metal badges to represent your company or team? Or are you looking for a customized badge that you can give to others and capture your emotions? Our brand Hesank specializes in making high-quality badges that are both stylish and functional, and can not only be customized for individuals and companies, but also given as gifts to others. We have a wealth of designs and ideas, and with our help, you're sure to find the perfect badge that fits your unique personality and needs. But do you know the history and applications of badges? Let Hesank introduce you to the ins and outs of the badge.

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1. Trace the origin of the metal badges

The earliest metal honor badges can be traced back to the Canaanite civilization in the 13th century BC. The Canaanites used copper to make badges of various shapes to represent their families or groups. The Old Testament of the Bible also mentions the use of emblems in the Canaanite civilization.

In the ancient Roman army, soldiers and officers would wear military badges such as legionnaires, rank badges, and achievement medals to identify themselves, recognize military merit, and boost morale. At the same time, badges are viewed as symbols of honor and power, representing the status and prestige of the individuals or organizations that possess them. In addition to the Roman army, ancient civilizations such as China, Egypt, Babylonia and Greece also have a history of using coats of arms. Generally speaking, badges originated from ancient military affairs and gradually evolved into items symbolizing status and honor.

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2. The function of metal Badges

Metal badges not only play an important role in the military field, but also have huge development potential in the commercial field. However, as time goes by, name badges or government badges gradually become important symbols and decorations in people's lives, used to identify organizations and professions. For example, in 1924, IBM launched a complete corporate image system, which included the famous IBM logo and a manual to guide its use. This marked the beginning of metal badges becoming an important element of corporate image. Subsequently, metal badges began to be widely used in various occasions such as employee wear, events and celebrations.

As consumers pay more and more attention to brand image, companies have begun to pay more attention to the design and production of metal badges. Initially, the design of the metal badge was very simple, including only the company name and logo. However, in the mid-20th century, advances in technology allowed manufacturers to cut, print, and paint metal badges with greater precision, allowing for more complex and creative designs. Metal badges became more complex and unique to suit different companies. needs and culture. For example, Coca-Cola’s metal badge features both its logo and the representative glass bottle shape, which fully reflects the company’s brand image and culture.

3. Modern applications of badges

Metal badges have become a versatile social tool with historical, cultural and aesthetic significance. They are widely used for business promotion, personal and team identification, learning and training, collection and decoration. Interestingly, the study Metal Badges as Employee Recognition and Retention Tools found that wearing customized metal badges can significantly increase employees’ identification with the organization and positively impact their job performance. Specifically, wearing metal badges can enhance employees' self-esteem and sense of belonging, promote trust and cooperation, and improve job satisfaction and efficiency. The findings of this study undoubtedly provide inspiration for many companies, demonstrating the role of metal badges in social identity and brand building, significant value in terms of organizational recognition and promotion.

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4. Diversified applications of badges

The benefits of badges don’t stop there. Not only are they an effective means of promoting your business or organization, they are also a great way to unite your team and show your personal style. Our badges become a shining jewel in your marketing strategy, enhancing your business or team with unique design and brand identity. And more importantly, many satisfied customers have given glowing recommendations for our products. Whether you want to project a professional image at work or show off your support for your favorite band at an entertainment event, our badges are a must-have. What are you waiting for? Contact us, HesanK will give you the most professional selection and create the perfect badge that suits you best.

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