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Cufflinks History, Usage and Use Occasions

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Cufflinks have a long history, originating from ancient Greece, after a long time of baptism, they have now become an important part of modern men's attire. It is an exquisite decoration used to replace traditional cuff buttons, not only a practical accessory, but also a symbol of taste and personality. Among the subtle differences in attire, cufflinks add a touch of color to men's formalwear and suits, making the overall look stand out.

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Blank Cufflink

1. Historical development of the metal cufflinks

The history of cufflinks can be traced back to ancient Greece, but it became popular in Europe during the Gothic Renaissance and Baroque periods from the 14th to the 17th centuries. For gentlemen who pursue taste, cufflinks may be the smallest decoration except rings. Most of these cufflinks are made of precious metals, and some are even embedded with diamonds and precious stones. Therefore, they have always been regarded as a symbol of nobility, symbolizing the noble grade of a gentleman. The selection, matching and use of cufflinks has become an art for men.

Cufflinks require the shirt or suit cuff to be rolled up and clipped when used, thereby flattening the cuff. Therefore, cufflinks are suitable for looser cuffs and are usually used with suits in business occasions, becoming an important accessory for business formal wear.

The evolution of the cuff

Cuffs were not originally part of the shirt, and did not appear until after 1530. Originally, people made a fold at the end of the cuff, or added a piece of cloth at the wrist and connected it to the cuff with a string. Over time, the design evolved into a close cousin of the modern cufflink, the cufflink. This design makes the front of the cuffs unfold like a flower and presents a beautiful effect through the combination of different textures and colors.

In order to show the beauty of the cuffs, it was fashionable at that time to show the cuffs slightly outside the coat, which has also evolved into a part of the modern suit. Whether the button cuffs commonly used on modern shirts need to be exposed depends on whether cuff buttons are used. Only when cufflinks are used, do the cuffs need to be exposed from the outside of the suit to showcase the various styles of exquisite cufflinks.

2.How to use cufflinks?

How to use cufflinks? This is a question that many male friends will ask after learning about this small object. In fact, cufflinks need to be used on specially designed cufflink shirts. On both sides of the cuff, the side in contact with the skin is called side A, and the other side is called side B. When using the cufflinks, put the A sides in contact with each other, then pass the part connecting the cufflinks through the back of the cuff, then through the front of the cuff, and fix it. Therefore, when using custom made cufflinks, you need to match the appropriate cufflinks shirt, which also means that the quality of the selected shirt should not be too bad.

Occasion and collocation

The occasion and collocation of cufflinks is also a science. On different occasions, choosing different styles of cufflinks and shirts can show different atmospheres and styles.

Office occasions: white shirt with transparent or dark blue cufflinks, coupled with dark blue or black tie, will give people a sense of reliability.

Business competition occasions: a dark blue thick straight-striped shirt with metallic cuff buttons and a dark tie can create a convincing effect.

Party occasion: A pink shirt with dark cufflinks and an Oxford-style tie with diagonal stripes can create a relaxed and casual feeling.

Pleasant occasion: A pink shirt with metallic cufflinks and a pink and purple two-tone tie can make people look energetic.

Important occasions: gray shirt with silver cufflinks, and choose a bright silver monochrome tie, which can show a solemn and noble effect and add extra points to the image.

3. Summary

To sum up, as a part of men's attire, custom engraved cufflinks not only have a long historical background, but also reflect men's taste and meticulous attention. Whether it is historical evolution or modern matching, cufflinks play a unique role in men's clothing, making the overall shape more refined and outstanding.

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