1141 - Boxeador Oro Plata Bronce Antiguo Medalla Cuadrada Esmaltada

Enlace del producto: Boxer Sports Medallions Custom Award Medals Medal

The Boxer Square Enamel Medal is a square-shaped enamel medal with a boxing theme, available in gold, silver, and antique bronze. This fighting medal is crafted from high-quality metal with a fine enamel coating, showcasing exquisite shades of gold, silver, and bronze. Custom sports medals services are offered, allowing for tailored designs to meet specific requirements. These metal medals, with their options of gold, silver, and bronze, provide a range of choices for winners at different levels, embodying the classic style of gold medal, silver medal, and bronze medal. The medal is not only a symbol of sporting achievement but also a recognition of the athletes’ skills and perseverance.

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