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Creating custom metal keychains is a complex process that combines craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques. As a manufacturer, I will provide steps and insights into creating high-quality metal keychains, ensuring precision and excellence to meet your custom needs. This guide is mainly intended for businesses, companies, families and other people who have customization needs. Individual handicraft enthusiasts can also learn from it. Now, let’s begin the journey of understanding the production process and discovering custom keychains.

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Materials and tools needed

First, for the production of custom metal keychains we need to prepare the following materials and machines:


Metal plate or blank (usually brass, stainless steel, iron, zinc alloy)

Keychain metal ring, as an accessory you can carry it with you

Paint or enamel for color customization


Mold engraving machine, industrial laser cutting machine, die casting machine, stamping machine

Optional metal stamping and engraving equipment, which is very friendly to individual hobbyists

Glasses and polishers

Quality control instruments ensure precision

Other preparations:

Design software for creating templates

Design your metal keychain

The design phase is critical to the production of custom metal keychains. We can use a variety of professional design software, CAD, CDR, AI, Pixso, InDesign, etc. to create detailed templates according to customer specifications. This software allows us to visualize the final product and make necessary adjustments before production begins.

For custom orders, customers can provide their designs or work with our design team to create unique patterns, logos or text, our goal is to ensure designs are optimized for both aesthetics and manufacturing efficiency.

Cutting metal or making embryos

After the design is completed, the next step is to cut the metal plate into the required shape, or use a die-casting machine or a stamping machine to make a metal embryo. Different manufacturing processes are selected according to different materials and designs. Among them, the most commonly used die-casting process, which can be obtained A relatively high-quality metal embryo. The machines are programmed using digital designs, and product manufacturing is completed using industrial laser cutters or CNC machines to ensure precise cuts for each product. Each cut piece and embryo is checked for accuracy, then the edges are smoothed using a metal file and sandpaper to remove any roughness and ensure the parts are safe and pleasant to the touch.

Add design elements

With the basic shapes ready, we move on to adding more design elements. Depending on the complexity of the design, different techniques are used:

Metal Stamping: Using a high-pressure stamping machine, we stamp designs, logos, or text onto the metal surface. This method is efficient and suitable for mass production.

Engraving: For details and exquisite designs, use a CNC engraving machine. This technology can achieve fine details and personalization. It is also more suitable for individual enthusiasts to buy blank products and then engrave their own unique patterns and text on them. You can also make them for friends and family.

Etching: Chemical etching is another technique for creating complex patterns. This involves applying a corrosion-resistant material to the metal and then using acid to etch away the exposed areas, creating a detailed design.

Each keychain is carefully inspected to ensure an accurate reproduction of the design.


Polishing and finishing

After adding the design elements, the keychain needs polishing and finishing. We polish bulk metal parts using industrial rollers or polishing wheels to achieve an even shine and eliminate any minor imperfections.

For a finer finish, hand polishing can also be done using a polishing cloth. If the design includes color, metallic paint or enamel is carefully applied. Then let the painted or enameled part dry completely before the next step. For drying metallic paint or enamel, the normal way is to dry it in a craft dryer or let it dry naturally.



Quality control is critical in our manufacturing process. Each keychain undergoes a series of inspections to ensure it meets our high standards. This includes:

Verify accuracy of cuts and design elements;

Check the smoothness of edges;

Make sure the paint or enamel is evenly applied and completely dry;

Test the durability of keychain attachments;

These inspections ensure that each product is of consistent quality and free of defects.


Install keychain

The final step in the assembly process is to install the keychain's metal ring. This is done using specialized machinery to ensure each ring is securely fastened and the connections must be strong to withstand normal use. Nowadays, many stores and factories have ready-made products. You can assemble them by yourself by purchasing conventional accessories. You only need to link the chain and key ring together. If necessary, you can also use pliers and other tools.

For bulk orders, we set up an assembly line where each station is responsible for a specific task, such as installing the rings, performing final inspection and packaging. This streamlined process increases efficiency and ensures timely delivery.

Customization and personalization

Customization is a key aspect of our service. We offer a variety of personalized keychain options including:

Names and Initials: Add a personal name or initials to create a unique, personal keychain.

Logo and Branding: Imprint your company logo or branding elements on corporate gifts or promotional items.

Special Dates: Engraving important dates to commemorate events or milestones.

Customers can submit their custom designs or work with our team to develop their ideas, our goal is to bring your ideas to life with precision and artistry.


Mass production

For those especially companies who need mass production custom metal keychains, we have improved our processes to maximize efficiency while maintaining quality. Here are some key strategies:

Batch processing: Production is organized into batches to simplify each step, which allows us to manage large orders efficiently.

Automation: Increase speed and consistency with cutting, engraving and assembly automation.

Effective Workflow: Design a workflow that minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity. Each production station is optimized for quick handover.

Regular Maintenance: Ensure all equipment is regularly maintained to prevent breakdowns and ensure smooth operation.


Manufacturing custom metal keychains involves a series of well-coordinated steps from design to final assembly. By focusing on quality materials, precision cutting, detailed design work, and thorough quality control, we ensure that each keychain meets the highest standards. Whether you need unique gifts, promotional items or personalized keychains, our process is designed to deliver exceptional results.

Creating custom keychain is an intricate dance between art and craftsmanship, where the keychain design and dimensions harmoniously blend to deliver a statement piece. We supply wholesale custom keychain for years, come and make a wonderful cooperation.

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